About Us

Alberta Branded was founded by three homegrown Albertans on the premise that this great province has much more to offer than oil and gas. Our brand represents a collection of experiences that people share with Alberta, whether they’re made here at home or elsewhere. We are not just another logo, or some tagline. Instead, Alberta Branded follows a set of fundamental principles that are simply understood by everyone who sets foot on this land we call home.

We embody the true grit nature of the people who shape our province while collectively representing the natural beauty of our vast plains, dominating mountains, lush forests, and diverse wildlife.

Our Logo


Each aspect of our logo was specifically incorporated to encompass Alberta as a whole.

Grounded at the heart of our logo is a tree, symbolizing the natural beauty of our National Parks and abundant wildlife.

Behind the tree stands an empowering peak that not only visually resembles an ‘A’ but also depicts Alberta’s iconic Rocky Mountains.

The dark and fertile soil begins where the mountains and forests end, with the bottom lines embodying our everlasting Alberta Prairies.

As a whole, the logo takes the shape of a freshwater drop emphasizing Alberta’s initiatives to become an environmental leader in today’s world. Simultaneously, the drop can be interpreted as an hommage to the successful heritage and prosperity that Alberta has made from of our land’s natural resources.

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