Fashion Q and A: Local duo’s Alberta Branded clothing line influence by love of province

Longtime friends, John Ross and Jeffery (Jeff) Schidlowsky have come together to create a clothing brand (T-shirts, hoodies, hats and toques) that celebrates our province: Alberta Branded.

“Alberta is a diverse group of individuals … John and myself have been working on an initiative that really represents Alberta,” says co-founder, Schidlowsky.

Born in Calgary, both have a strong appreciation of the province, and each of their families is well-rooted in the Alberta oil and gas sector along with the arts scene.

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Young Calgary entrepreneurs find success with provincial clothing line

Alberta Branded harnesses provincial pride for shirt sales

 By: Mathew Silver For Metro

Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unlikely places.

For Calgarian entrepreneur John Ross, 22, the idea for his T-shirt company, Alberta Branded, came on the drive home from his cabin in British Columbia. And what started as a brainstorming session between friends quickly turned into a viable business.

“It started as a joke,

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Featured On FranklyRay

Featured On FranklyRay

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada, you can find me either walking my puppy, at 6am spin classes, sweating in hot yoga, sharing stories with my friends in a cafe, or in my kitchen trying out a new recipe I found on Pinterest. During the day I am a Communications Advisor at a communications firm in Calgary and the Social Media Coordinator and Assistant Content Editor & Developer for an investor relations firm based in Vancouver.
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Fort McMurray & The Alberta Branded Contribution

We are truly devastated to witness the events that have taken away so much from our fellow Albertans. Our hearts go out to the residents of this community, as well as the friends and family members affected by this horrific tragedy. Over the past week, Alberta Branded has vowed to donate 100% of the profits made, to the relief effort in Fort McMurray. As a result, we sold more clothing that week than we ever have before.

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A Big Thank You To Our Media Partners

We would like to give our humble thanks to ENERKNIGHT Media for enhancing our brand and being an affluent media partner for us in local Alberta.

If you have not heard of ENERKNIGHT, they are an Indoor Digital Advertising Agency and Marketing Powerhouse. Founded in 2014 and Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ENERKNIGHT was born by the desire to create beautiful and immersive digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. Our agency is leaving a footprint across the West Coast.

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